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This directory of ETSU images backgrounds, banners, and multiple sizes and versions of ETSU and Buccaneer images.

Instructions to download images

  • To download an image, right-click with your mouse. 
  • Choose "Save this image as..." 
  • When the "save as" window appears, save the file to the appropriate directory on your computer.

If you have questions, please contact the Faculty/Staff Information Technology Help Desk at oithelp@mail.etsu.edu 

ETSU Backgrounds and Banners

ETSU logo blue with gold background

ETSU logo gold with blue background

ETSU logo blue with transparent background

Buccaneer Images

ETSU Backgrounds and Banners

Template 4 Masthead

488 x 83 pixels

Template 5 Masthead

489 x 83 pixels


    Blue with gold stripe: Left column, white background

    Gold with blue stripe: Left column, white background

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ETSU logo--blue with gold background

                300 x 195 pixels

                         250 x 163 pixels

       200 x 130 pixels                        150 x 98 pixels        100 x 65 pixels

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ETSU logo--gold with blue background

          300 x 229 pixels

       300 x 196 pixels

      250 x 163 pixels                 200 x 130 pixels

150 x 98 pixels        100 x 65 pixels


50 x 33 pixels
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ETSU logo--blue with transparent background

          300 x 196 pixels

     250 x 159 pixels

200 x 127 pixels                                150 x 95 pixels

100 x 63 pixels              50 x 32 pixels         35 x 22 pixels
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Buccaneer Image


The trademarked Buccaneer logo Pantone values are:
Buccaneer Gold -- Pantone 1245
Buccaneer Blue -- Pantone 293 (hat, collar)
  Buccaneer Medium Blue -- Pantone 2925 (face)

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