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Network jack installation

A network jack can be installed in just about any building on campus. The cost for installation is $280. To request an installation, please submit a Telecommunications Requisition Form.

Unable to connect

There can be several reasons why someone cannot access the Internet or other network resources. If your home page will not come up, try some other sites to make sure that it's not just the one site that's down. If that doesn't help, make sure that the network cable is connected to both the computer and the network jack. The network cable looks like a phone cord but with a bigger connector.

Wireless Networking

ETSU offers wireless network connectivity that's complementary to the wired network. To connect to it, your device must be capable of communicating using 802.11g, WPA2-Enterprise authentication with AES encryption. You can get setup instructions at

Configuring ETSU desktop computers for the wireless network is not permitted. Multiple desktops connecting to a single wireless access point may cause disruption to the wireless network. The wired network is best suited for desktop computers. We recommend that network jacks be installed for desktop computers that need network access.

Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) allows someone to use an off-campus Internet connection to connect to the ETSU network in a secure fashion. Once connected, your computer will have access as if it were plugged into a campus network jack. It is required to access some resources that aren't normally accessible from off-campus.

To request VPN access, please submit a Network Security Request Form. There will be a box to check to request VPN access. You must also submit a letter justifying your request for VPN access. After the request has been entered, it will be reviewed by the Network manager. If approved, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to download the VPN software to your computer. The e-mail will also contain the file needed to properly configure the VPN software. If you happen to lose this e-mail, feel free to contact the OIT Helpdesk.